Digital Governance System

An integrated digital governance system streamlines board meetings featured with user-friendly design and secure solutions to improve decision-making, increase productivity, and save time and money. 

Omana’a System

Effortless Decision-Making

Digital Meeting Mastery

Meeting Made Easy

Multiple features tailored to ignite your digital governance journey

Auto Quorum

Let Omana’a calculate attendee and voter numbers to ensure a complete quorum, saving you time and hassle

Effortless Decision Streams

Streamline decision-making with easily shareable resolutions, minimizing the need for endless meetings

Decisions at Your Fingertips

Issue decisions, assign responsibilities, and track progress seamlessly within the platform

Transparency Through Voting

Enable electronic voting for both in-person and remote participants, providing instant clarity

Simplify, Amplify: Transforming Decision-Making

Experience next-level business governance, wherever you are

Pre-Meeting Precision

Prepare with ease by scheduling meetings, sending invitations, and automating reminders for smooth proceedings

During and Post-Meeting Mastery

Vote, decide, and track actions effortlessly with our integrated solutions, backed by 24/7 support

Our Partners & Clients

Empowerment Through Support

Always-On Assistance

Personalized Attention

Guidance for Governance

Expert Team

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