Optimized Governance for Companies

Omana’a is a comprehensive platform for business governance and legal facilitation, providing an integrated set of technology solutions through a single window.

The platform streamlines the work of boards of directors and general assemblies, reducing wasted time and promoting secure, confidential communication.

Omana’a on the platform have been designed to accurately calculate the attendance quorum and alert users in case of a lack of quorum to prevent any legal risks.

Additionally, the platform offers multiple quorum options, including the quorum of the majority of the number of shares or the cumulative vote.

This makes it easier for users to attend and vote without having to manually calculate the quorum, saving time and effort.

Omana’a streamlines governance procedures, from the formation of committees, associations, and boards of directors to organizing meetings.

The platform allows for the seamless invitation of an unlimited number of individuals, setting the agenda, attaching documents, inviting guests, creating voting requests, approving decisions, and managing tasks, all within a single page.

With Omana’a, businesses can enjoy a simplified, secure, and confidential solution for their governance needs.

Private calendar

An exclusive calendar for the group and each member, which displays dates of meetings and tasks.

Unlimited guests

The ability to invite an unlimited number of shareholders to attend meetings and calculate quorum for attendance and electronic voting with ease.

Real-time tracking

The ability to track in real-time when users are invited to join or cast their vote, and send notifications to them via email, text messages, or within the platform.

Multiple voting methods

The platform offers a unique feature of cumulative voting calculation, either by the majority of shares or the total number of people.

Multiple meetings

The capability to create and attend multiple meetings at the same time, saving time and effort for secretaries of committees, boards of directors, and general assemblies.

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