Omana’a for

Non-profit Associations

Omana’a offers a unique solution for the governance of committees, associations, and boards of directors in the Kingdom. With over 950 entities in this sector, it is imperative that we strive to achieve the goals set forth by the National Center, which aim to develop and improve the non-profit sector.

By applying strict governance standards and providing a digital solution, Omana’a helps these entities streamline their operations, improve their efficiency, and enhance their overall performance.

Looking for a safe, fast, and confidential way for members to communicate and collaborate? Our platform offers a single-window solution for task delegation, decision-making, and signing, all while keeping sensitive information secure. Plus, easily share updates with higher committees and decision-makers.

Introducing our cutting-edge legal tech solution that brings top-tier governance standards to the establishment and structuring of committees and assemblies in non-profit associations.

Our platform offers an efficient way to distribute roles among members, track business progress, schedule meetings, and archive all meeting minutes, decisions and assigned tasks.

With our robust system, you’ll never have to worry about data loss or spend countless hours organizing your business again. Trust us to simplify your organizational needs and streamline your association’s operations.

Meetings made easy

Effortless sharing and holding of meetings with groups and members, seamless sharing of documents and tasks, and swift approval of decisions during meetings.

Governance made effortless

Integrated governance solution to establish a model for non-profit association governance without any hassle, adhering to the highest governance standards, with scope for modification in accordance with internal regulations of each entity.

Minutes made simple

Share meeting minutes with members and groups, effortlessly approve them by signing, and securely archive them.

Decision-making made easy

Efficient resolutions and voting process
Easily create tasks to make decisions or request decision-makers to take action on a topic, share it with them, and track the status of its approval.

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