Effortless Meeting Agendas

Craft detailed agendas, attach documents, and assign tasks effortlessly, ensuring seamless preparation for every meeting.

Maximize Meeting Productivity

powerful Agenda Builder tool


Simplified Procedures, Enhanced Efficiency

Streamline agenda creation with intuitive steps, allowing easy addition of topics, presenters, invitees, and attachments.


Ensured Confidentiality

Maintain strict privacy with secret topics accessible only to authorized personnel, ensuring sensitive information remains secure.


Seamless Task Integration

Link meetings and agendas with pre-meeting tasks, decisions, and approvals, enabling comprehensive tracking and timely completion.

Unlimited Invitation Flexibility

Extend meeting invitations to an unlimited number of participants, fostering broad engagement and collaboration.

Efficient Time Management

Optimize meeting timelines by setting periods for each agenda item, allowing for document viewing, decision voting, or document signing beforehand.

Agenda Approval Assurance

Ensure agenda adoption prior to sharing, receiving valuable feedback and comments from members for consensus building.

Comprehensive Archiving for Peace of Mind

Securely archive all agendas, providing centralized storage and effortless retrieval of critical information.

Automated Notifications

Stay informed with email and text notifications for all agendas, facilitating easy access and ensuring active participation.

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