Empower Communication with Member Groups

You’re empowered to create task-specific or departmental groups, invite relevant members, track progress, and approve decisions seamlessly with just one click.

Groups for Enhanced Collaboration

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Intelligent Workspace

Empower Your Communication

Divide members into groups and workspaces for seamless collaboration. Access all necessary information and data conveniently in one place.


Smart Member Groups: Boost Productivity

Our platform provides intelligent workgroups to simplify workflows and enhance productivity.


Facilitate Collaboration with Omana’a

Built-in collaboration tools foster seamless teamwork, enabling members to accomplish tasks efficiently. Leaders can easily follow up on activities, share documents, and manage tasks directly.

Stay Informed with Synced Data

Enjoy synchronized data across devices, ensuring you’re always up-to-date with the latest information and news.

Manage Access with Ease

Trustees ensure secure access to files and grant modification permissions to team members as needed.

Streamline Workflow with Automation

Automate reminders, notifications, and status updates to streamline your workflow and enhance efficiency.

Create Tasks and Meetings Effortlessly

Workspaces for secretaries enable quick and easy creation of tasks and meetings, fostering a collaborative environment among team members.

Stay Updated with Push Notifications

Receive live notifications on task changes, deadlines, and meeting schedules, ensuring you’re fully informed of important developments.

Kickstart Your Digital Governance Journey

Become part of the growing community digitizing cross-departmental communication processes. Improve business effectiveness, productivity, and transparency.

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