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Omana’a offers a comprehensive solution for governing all aspects of government procedures, from managing meetings to issuing decisions and communicating with different departments, committees, and organizations.

Our platform provides a secure and confidential window for streamlining all these processes, thereby helping achieve the goals set forth in the Kingdom’s 2030 vision for a digital government.

Omana’a streamlines collaboration and communication during task execution by allowing instant participation for voting, decision-making, document viewing, signing, and exchange.

It tracks task recipient status and ensures prompt response with notifications sent both within and outside the platform via email, resulting in efficient communication and clarity among team and external members.

Create meetings

Omana’a platform offers a comprehensive solution for managing meetings and facilitating communication among members.

With the ability to create and share an unlimited number of meetings, you can easily invite participants, archive and save past sessions, and even attend multiple meetings simultaneously.

The platform provides flexible distribution of roles and powers, and allows for real-time tracking of member attendance, participation, and account status, all with the click of a button. This ensures a secure, confidential, and streamlined process for all participants.


The possibility of sharing decisions between groups and requesting signature and approval

Confidentiality and security

Providing the highest standards of confidentiality and security for all information and data circulated and recorded within the meeting, and the two-step verification feature when logging in and creating private databases

Task Management

Task management helps in assigning tasks in detail, assigning them to members, and tracking the status of completion

Meeting minutes

Ease of writing notes during the meeting, sharing files, issuing meeting minutes with the click of a button, and sharing it with members for signature and approval based on their powers

Meeting agenda

Ease of setting more than one agenda at the same time through one window, including tasks and decisions, inviting people and defining their roles through only one window and with the click of a button.

Diversity of powers and roles

Flexible control and modification of powers and roles through a detailed list according to work procedures within the entity.

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