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With the expansion of colleges and departments, diversity of committees, and multiple users, all these need to be managed under a secure single platform that saves all data, governs the roles and permissions of individuals, and facilitates communication between departments and colleges through accurate governance groups.

Streamline Council & Committee Management

Automated calculation of the duration of council and committee terms, voting on member selection, and harnessing technology to calculate the votes and attendance quota in line with internal regulations and the strength of each member on the platform, with the possibility of sharing it with an unlimited number of external members!

Streamline University Governance Process

Innovative governance technology that helps universities create courses for council members, departments, and colleges, and simplifies voting on decisions during and outside meetings to accelerate the decision-making process.

Also, there’s the ability to request and submit decisions for approval to leaders, all through a single window!

Automated agendas

The ability to create multiple agendas and schedule more than one meeting through a single window, to save effort in preparing each meeting’s agenda and scheduling regular dates.

Decision and signature approval

Ease of creating requests for decision-making and signing documents among council members, outside parties, or decision-makers, with the ability to track responses in terms of approval or rejection.

Smart agenda

The ability to insert all requests for decision-making and voting during or before the meeting, with the possibility of including an unlimited number of documents and inviting external people to attend and participate in the meeting.

Instant notifications

Receiving notifications within and outside the platform to facilitate business monitoring, ensure individuals are informed of new tasks and meeting schedules.

Electronic structuring

Designing governance for each entity that is compatible with all regulations and systems, distributing roles to members, and assisting universities in achieving integrated digital governance!

Comprehensive calendar

A calendar that includes all meeting dates, appointments, and events, and allows for easy scheduling and organization of the university’s activities.

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