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Edit Meeting Details

Meetings in Omana’a are designed to streamline the process of scheduling, organizing, and conducting meetings, whether they are in-person or virtual from setting agendas to recording minutes.
  • On the meeting details page, users can edit the details by
    1. Clicking on the “More” button in the top left
    2. Then Click on the “Edit” button
  1. Edit the basic information such as Title, Start Date, Meeting type, Quorum type, Workspace, and Description.
  1. Add or Edit the meeting participants
  1. Add or Edit the items before the meeting
  1. Add or Edit the Agenda elements
  1. Once you have edited all the meeting information, click on the “Save now” button to save the changes.
  1. Otherwise, click on the “Cancel” button to exit from the meeting detail page and the changes will discard

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