Help Center Settings Guide Roles & Permission Layout

Roles & Permission Layout

Administrators have access to manage roles and permissions for different user roles within the organization. This feature enables customizing user access and privileges based on their roles.
  • As in the above picture, simply the roles & permissions layout setting as a table matrix:
    1. Rows (X-axis): Represent the names of different roles.
    2. Columns (Y-axis): Represent the names of permission groups and their specific permissions.
    3. Cells: The intersection of a role and permission. A checkmark in a cell indicates that the role has the corresponding permission.
  • How to Use the Table Matrix
    1. Identify Roles: Look at the rows to find the role you are interested in.
    2. Identify Permissions: Look at the columns to find the specific permission group or permission you want to manage.
    3. Check Permissions: Find the cell where the role and permission intersect. A checkmark (✓) in the cell means the role has that permission.

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