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User’s Profile

Admin users can add or update the user’s personal information, contact details, profile pictures, roles, and user status through the Settings tab then “Users list“.
  • Update Exist User:
    • To manage the user’s profile,
      1. click on the three dots on the far right.
      2. Then select “Edit“.
Also, Users can add or update their information through the Profile Picture at the top right corner icon then “Edit Profile“.
  • Users/Admin can do the following in their profile:
    • Upload an avatar that shows to all other colleagues’ users.
    • Edit their full name that shows to all other colleagues.
    • Change the user’s origin, whether it is internal employee or external.1
    • Change the user’s role that sets users’ access and privileges.1
    • Set the number of the user’s shares that will used in the voting module.1
    • Set the number of the user’s quorum that is used in the voting and meeting module.1
    • Change the contact information such as Email, Phone Number, and Location.
  • Once you have finished filling in the user’s information, click on the “Save changes” button.
  1. Need a permission

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