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Edit A task

Tasks in Omana’a are designed to help you organize your work, manage your to-do lists, and track your progress efficiently. By clicking on the “Tasks” tab in the menu
  • To edit the task details, there are global steps to enable you to edit/delete
    1. Click on the dropdown button “Assigned to me” at the top of the page
    2. Change the value to “All global tasks
    3. Then select the task you want to edit it
  • To edit the task details
    1. Within the task details page, Click on the “More” button
    2. Then select “Edit”
  • Here, You can edit the task details in terms of:1
    • Name.
    • Due date.
    • Priority.
    • Type.
    • Workspace.
    • Description.
    • Files.
    • Performing conditions.
    • Performers.

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