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Edit Voting Details

Voting in Omana’a is designed to facilitate decision-making, gather feedback, and engage participants in various voting activities. By clicking on the “Votings” tab in the menu
  • On the Voting details page, users can edit the details by
    1. Clicking on the “More” button in the top left
    2. Then Click on the “Edit” button
  1. Editing the basic information such as Title, Start & End Date, Quorum type, Voting type, and Workspace
  1. In the above picture, there are three main checkboxes:
    1. Checking the “With live room?” gives the ability to join in the living video room during the voting process
    2. Checking the “Vote Secrecy” gives the ability to hide the details of results from voters unless it has permission
    3. Checking the “Heed my vote” gives the ability to include the voting creator in the vote calculation
  1. Edit Voting Elements “Options”
    1. Clicking on “Add element” on the last page
    2. Write on the box
  1. Delete Voting Element
    1. by moving the mouse on each element to show the delete icon in the far right of the element box
  1. To assign the voting to performers
    1. click on the “Add” button on the top right corner of the performers box
    2. Select members
    3. Once you select users click on the “Add” button
  1. To assign the voting role to performers, for more information see Assign Voting Roles
    1. Click on the “Voter” button on the far right of the user’s name
    2. Select role
  1. Once you have Edited all the voting information, click on the “Save voting” button to create the voting and send invitations to performers.
  1. Otherwise, click on the “Cancel” button to exit from the voting edit page and the voting will not changed

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