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Invite Users To Voting

Voting in Omana’a is designed to facilitate decision-making, gather feedback, and engage participants in various voting activities. By clicking on the “Votings” tab in the menu
  1. Users can create a new voting or edit a voting, So can invite users to that voting depending on permissions as follows:
    • Invite users to the voting or
    • Invite only workspace users that the logged-in user is joined to the voting or
    • Invite any users to the voting
  1. To assign the voting to performers
    1. click on the “Add” button on the top right corner of the performers box
    2. Select members
    3. Once you select users click on the “Add” button
  1. To delete performers from the voting
    1. Move on the user’s image to enable deleting them
  1. Once you have filled in all the voting information, click on the “Save voting” button to create the voting and send invitations to performers.
  1. Otherwise, click on the “Cancel” button to exit from the voting creation page and the voting will not created at all

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