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The secretaries benefit from the integrated tool for arbitrators by reducing time and effort in a safe and easy manner through a single communication channel.

They can receive notifications, send documents, schedule session dates, open mandatory assignments, notify parties about deadlines, and specify submission timeframes.

The tool also provides notifications of all updates and allows the invitation of experts in any session. All parties and participants are kept informed throughout the process.

The integrated tool allows for the creation and attendance of multiple sessions simultaneously. Users can create and submit requests, set time limits, provide detailed information, attach documents for each request, and receive notifications about session appointments.

The tool also allows for easy tracking of request status and the ability to invite multiple people through a single window.

Omana’a streamlines governance procedures, from the formation of committees, associations, and boards of directors to organizing meetings.

The platform allows for the seamless invitation of an unlimited number of individuals, setting the agenda, attaching documents, inviting guests, creating voting requests, approving decisions, and managing tasks, all within a single page.

With Omana’a, businesses can enjoy a simplified, secure, and confidential solution for their governance needs.

Secret Trades

Our platform allows for the possibility of secret and documented trading during the main sessions.

Confidentiality and Security

We ensure the confidentiality of all attached documents and data, and the sessions held, with the possibility of referring to them for a long time.

View Documents

Our system allows for the ability to view documents and request modifications during the meeting, promoting transparency and efficiency.

Unlimited Meeting

Our system enables temporary invitations to experts, witnesses, and any third parties in the group or in a session, with easy tracking of their consent to join.

Provide Organization and Follow-up Efforts

Our platform provides organization and follow-up effort for secretaries and arbitrators on all works and follow-up through one window.

Private Sessions

Our platform enables establishing private sessions and submitting documents between the arbitration committee in discussing the case before the start of the sessions and determining the requests and the case plan.

Ease of Sending Requests

We offer ease and speed in submitting the application, tracking requests from the parties within the group, and sending notifications thereof.

Ease of the Voting Process

We make decisions, voting, and counting votes automatically if there is more than one arbitrator, which saves time and effort.

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