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Agenda Timelines

Meetings in Omana’a are designed to streamline the process of scheduling, organizing, and conducting meetings, whether they are in-person or virtual from setting agendas to recording minutes.
  • Once the meeting starts and users are joined through the “Join” button
  • On the meeting room page, The bottom bar contains:
    1. On the far left, you can list the meeting agenda
  • Within the agenda, you can do:
    1. Show the current section and subsections are active1
  1. Moving between the agenda sections and subsections2 by
    • Clicking on the “End this section and start next” to move to the next item Or
    • Clicking on the “Back to previous” button to go back to the previous item
  1. Write meeting minutes in each section and subsection through the top right corner button called “Meeting minutes
  1. If the subsection contains a task or voting and that subsection becomes active, So the voting will display on the voting area, and for the task you can actively update the condition within the agenda area. ↩︎
  2. The moving between sections and subsections affects the users’ visibility, if the user is not a performer will get him to a waiting area till the meeting is set to the section he is involved in. ↩︎

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