Help Center Meetings Guide Assign Meeting Roles

Assign Meeting Roles

Meetings in Omana’a are designed to streamline the process of scheduling, organizing, and conducting meetings, whether they are in-person or virtual. From setting agendas to recording minutes.
  1. Users can create a new meeting or edit a meeting, So can invite users to that meeting depending on permissions as follows:
    • Invite users to the meeting or
    • Invite only workspace users that the logged-in user is joined to the meeting or
    • Invite any users to the meeting
  1. To assign a meeting role to members
    1. Click on the “Meeting Viewer” button on the far right of the user’s name
    2. Select role
  • The meeting role is a role inside the meeting process that gives the user specific permissions in terms of who can control and process the meeting such as:
    • Start & End the meeting.
    • Write minutes during the meeting.
    • Approve meeting.
    • Control Agenda sections and subsections.
    • and else related to meeting permissions.
  • Those roles should be defined in the system settings based on the organization’s needs and business.

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