Help Center Settings Guide Edit Users’ Status

Edit Users’ Status

Admin users can change the user status through the Settings tab then “Users list“.
  • To manage the user’s activation status, click on the “Activate/Deactivate” button on the far right.
    • If the button was “Activitate” it meant the user was deactivated,
    • If the button was “Deactivate” meant the user was already activated.
  • If the user is inactive that means
    • The user did not respond to the email invitation that required them to first log in and set their password.
    • Can’t invite inactive users to any events within the platform, To activate user:
      1. Jump to the user’s profile.
      2. Will show on the top of the page a horizontal bar that says that the user is inactive, on the far right of that bar click on the “Activate” button.1
  1. The user when the admin activates him, still needs to first login and set their password but in the Activate case, anyone can invite him to an event. ↩︎

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