Help Center Settings Guide Roles & Permissions Type

Roles & Permissions Type

Administrators have access to manage roles and permissions for different user roles within the organization. This feature enables customizing user access and privileges based on their roles, go to the Settings tab and select Roles & Permissions.
  • In the top page, there’s a “general” button for the switch between permission pages:
    1. The General Permission is a global set of permissions that control user actions in a system. It applies to all users and provides broad control over various system activities and functionalities.
    2. The Meeting Permission specifically governs the process and roles within meetings. It determines what participants can do during a meeting, including initiating, joining, and leaving the meeting, presenting materials, moderating discussions, and managing roles.
    3. The Voting Permission is a specialized permission that governs the process and roles within a voting system. It allows users to initiate and participate in voting activities, including casting votes, monitoring progress, managing eligibility, and overseeing vote counting. This permission ensures that only authorized individuals can engage in voting-related actions.

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